Elevated Dining

Even in a relatively small space, IC Railing can make a huge impact. In this installation, the rods were run directly into the corner column for a clean-finish appearance.

Diamond Head Panorama

When you’re graced with the view of your dreams, leave nothing to chance; with IC Railing’s 316 Grade Stainless Steel railing options you do just that. Due to the nature of the Hawaiian climate and geographic zones, only 316 Grade can be used, and regular maintenance should be administered throughout the year with a thorough […]

Historic Doric

With a significant amount of width on their deck, but limited depth, the Doric fascia mounted post offers complete utilization of your deck’s surface when space is at a premium. The long linear patterns of this deck surface align beautifully with the rods adding the element of more space being present for outdoor entertaining.

Putting the ‘Rad’ in Radius

Adding to IC Railing’s versatility, we were challenged with an arced install. No problem. Done and done. However, the radius of any installation will largely be determined by the tools available and overall talent of your installation crew. Specialty tools are required when working with stainless steel, as well as the subsequent challenge of sliding […]

Wrap-Around Deck

Using IC Railing’s Imperial Fascia Mount Post, our customer sought a clean, finished-look which permitted full edge-to-edge use of their deck surface.

Accent-Wall Staircase

As a linear complement to the wavy aesthetic on the landing’s wall, this homeowner chose the Imperial Post. Also, they preferred their rod connections to be welded and clean as opposed to utilizing the popular swivel connections.

San Francisco

Utilizing IC Railing Stainless Steel End Caps, custom-made lag screw tops, and wood handrails with continuous flow, our California-based customer brought the best of both stainless steel and wood accents together to complete their staircase.

SS on Concrete

Showing the versatility of surface-mounting options, our Western-Washington customer chose 18” concrete squares for their decking surface. Complete with the stainless steel posts and maple top rail, they brought three natural components together to pull the colors from their layered rock façade present on the main home.

Island Hide-Away

Tucked deep within an inlet of the San Juan Islands with consistent exposure to saltwater, the homeowner chose the 316 grade stainless option to maximize the perseverance of materials in such a harsh climate.

Trident Glass

Using a combination of IC Railing Trident Glass posts for the deck perimeter and IC Railing Imperial posts for the adjacent staircase, this combination provided the unobstructed view from the deck while bringing a linear, guiding element to the hot tub located a few steps below.