Whether grade 304 for inland projects or 316 for coastal applications, IC Railing components provide the integrity to persevere from the elements, and the aesthetic appeal to compliment your environment. Posts are available with either a top mount or fascia mount base, and in either 36” Residential or 42” Commercial height.

Imperial Post

Exuding strength and sturdiness, Imperial provides balance in design and symmetry, with the rod encased between the balusters.

Doric Post

With the option to install Doric with the rod set to the inside or outside, you can create a unique look with Doric as it offers more exposure to the rod.

Wood Post Kit

Combine the warmth of wood and the modern aesthetic of stainless steel for the ultimate accent to your living space.

Trident Glass Post

When maximum visibility is desired, our Trident Glass Post supports the view as distance between posts will be based on the specifications of glass panels chosen for the project.

Fascia Mount Post

When you’re looking to maximize the full use of your surface area, consider the use of fascia mounted posts.

Angled Base / Powder Coated

Modifying your base to accommodate a curb wall on your staircase, or simply looking to add color to your posts, our Special Order components bring additional versatility to the IC Railing line.


Smooth, luxurious, durable, and highly resistant to corrosion, our ½” thick, 16’4” long brushed-satin stainless steel rods provide visual appeal and rigid perimeter security.


The stainless steel barrel provides the structural stability between the Imperial, Doric, Glass, or Millennium posts and the rod. The barrel also provides the spacing between the customizable Wood Slat posts.


The stainless steel swivel seamlessly connects two rods to create angles from 30 to 280 degrees, thus giving your design continuity and seamless integration in otherwise difficult design locations.

End Cap

The stainless steel end cap completes an open rod end with a smooth, rounded finish.

Glass Clamp

The glass clamp connects the posts and rod to a protective glass shield. This approach provides the visual continuity of the rods, yet also provides a wind-blocking option where such needs are required.


Suitable for steel or wood handrails and fully adjustable for angled installations. For interior and exterior use.

Stainless Steel

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