Maintenance Guidelines

Care and Annual Maintenance

Proper care and periodic maintenance of your railing product will help ensure long lasting performance, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Following are recommended guidelines for proper care and maintenance of your stainless steel railing system.


Initial Cleaning and Basic Annual Maintenance:

In order to properly maintain your stainless steel railing system, IC Railing recommends an initial cleaning after installation of the rail, as well as an annual cleaning. A basic maintenance kit, similar to the installation kit, can be purchased from your railing supplier that will include everything needed for a basic cleaning.

  1. Soak microfiber pad (provided in kit) with denatured alcohol (provided in kit) and wipe down all railing components, making sure to remove all dirt and contaminants from IC Railing posts and rods. This process may need to be repeated.
  2. Apply Oxi-X (provided in kit) thinly and evenly with microfiber pad in circular motions. Apply 2-3 coats allowing 30 minutes between coats, or until Oxi-X is completely dry.

    NOTE 1: Just a little bit of Oxi-X goes a long way, so start with less than you think you’ll need. You can always add more.

    NOTE 2: Do not use the same microfiber pad used with the denatured alcohol to apply the Oxi-X. Always use a new lint-free towel, rag, or microfiber pad for the application of Oxi-X.


Instructions for use of Oxi-X:

For coating your IC Railing stainless steel components: Clean surface thoroughly with any high alkaline cleaner (we recommend denatured alcohol) to remove dirt, oil, wax or other protective coatings before applying. Do not use solvents or butyl based cleaners as they can interfere with the adhesion process of the Oxi-X. Apply Oxi-X to the surface thinly and evenly with a dampened streak-free microfiber cloth in circular motions or with a quality paint/coating sprayer. The final appearance of Oxi-X on the surface may vary with the application method. 2 to 3 applications are recommended. Allow product to dry (Minimum 30 min. @ 70°+F) before each application.

Remember, a little goes a long way, put on the thinnest coat possible!


Additional Care Instructions:

Should your IC Railing need a more thorough cleaning.

  1. Soak 3M 7447 Maroon pad with LPS1 and scrub rail (with the grain of the stainless steel surface) to remove all surface oxidation and/or contaminates.
  2. Lightly dampen a lint and oil free rag with PB Blaster, Aerokroil, or LPS1, and wipe down all railing components.
  3. Repeat step 2 until ALL contaminants are removed.
  4. Wipe down the entire railing with a dry, clean rag or towel. Allow to dry for 4 hours in 65°+F degree weather, or overnight for anything cooler than 65°F.

If remnants of oxidation, rust, or contaminants are still present after step 4, repeat steps 1-4 until your railing components are free of all visual contaminants before continuing onto steps 5 & 6.

  1. Using a new microfiber towel, wipe down all railing components thoroughly with denatured alcohol to ensure removal of all remnants of solvents used in steps 1 & 2. Once all remnants are removed use another new microfiber towel to make one final wipedown before moving on to step 6.
  2. Coat all railing components with a thin coat of Oxi-X using a new microfiber towel, for best results, apply two or more coats.

** Do not use the same towels or rags from steps 1 & 2 in steps 5 & 6. **