Impeccable design with stunning results

Where contemporary lines, modern form, and sustainability combine to provide a sleek, yet powerful finishing touch.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Clean, crisp lines, with a polished surface complimentary to all color schemes and architectural styles.


An excellent choice for interior, exterior, coastal, inland, residential or commercial installations.

Structurally Sound

Each component is geared toward strength, safety, compatibility, and longevity.


IC Railing is a stunning, affordable, site-constructible, turnkey solution with a straight-forward installation. With a contemporary design, and options to create a custom-coordinated look with your interior or exterior trim and finishes. IC Railing’s components are suitable for use with wood or stainless steel handrails. Once installed, consult your local lumberyard for handrail options.

Our Services

Whether in planning mode, or ready to move forward with your Residential or Commercial space, we’re here to help.


Residential Design

With four 36” post design options, you’re certain to find a style that supports your preference and needs.

Commercial Design

Impress your customers with four 42” commercial post options that are sure to impress your clientele.

Customization / Support

Think beyond what you can see. With customizable base and powder coating options, we can guide you to your vision.
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Our Expertise

100+ Combined Years of Experience

in Metal Fabrication, Building Material Design & Application

Ready to start a new project with IC Railing?

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With every project started comes the excitement that accompanies completion of the project. We’ve received hundreds of verbal ‘atta-boys’ along the way and they make us proud to offer such a beautiful product. However, when a customer has had the product for a year or, in some cases, many years, it’s great to hear from them and how they appreciate their decision to choose IC Railing. Here are just a few

This is actually a great system! We looked at aluminum and costs were about similar… hands down, IC Railing was the better product and installation was really simple.

J. O’Connor Client

Really happy I made the decision to go with IC Railing, and, as a homeowner, I can honestly say it was very easy to install. I couldn’t be happier with it.

L. Gonzales Client

(IC Railing) simply provided a more robust and solid aesthetic -over cable options- without the proportional increase in cost; seemed like the right choice all the way around.

K. Spridgeon Client